The Digestive System Incursion

On the 9th of May 2016, our class  went on an incursion about the digestive system.  I was bursting with excitement!   When we first got there, we started learning about how a plant gets energy from the sun, but we get our energy from the food we eat.  Did you know that your saliva breaks up the sugars in the food you eat?!!  We got a lolly to show how this works.


 After you’ve gone through the first step of the digestive system, the mouth, your body moves on to the oesophagus.  The oesophagus is basically a long pipe that squeezes the food down into your tummy.  This motion is called peristalsis.  We played a peristalsis game where whoevers team squeezed the ping-pong ball down the stocking first, saying peristalsis every time, got another lolly.  


Your tummy then keeps on churning the food for, do you know how long?  4 HOURS!!!  For the next part, we did an activity that represented your stomach churning food.  It involved a plastic bag, the stomach, a piece of bread, the food you’ve eaten, and a little bit of water, the acids that the stomach produces.  We then had to, with a partner, use our hands and churn the food around, just like the stomach, until it was like liquid.   Mrs.  Antolos took lots of pictures.   It was disgusting!!!


Then we learnt about how the small intestine and the big intestine use that same peristalsis motion to squeeze the waste food, with all the liquid from the stomach, into . . .  Poo!!  As an activity to show this, we added a mix of oats and cocoa powder to the churned-up bread in the plastic bag and drained out all of the water, stomach acids, into a plastic cup.  What we were left with was a lump of solid . . .  Poo!!  When we were done we got to touch an Ox’s tongue and a pig’s stomach and intestines.  I had so much fun, and was disgusted at the same time!!


By Sara   

4 thoughts on “The Digestive System Incursion

  1. Hey Sara,
    I can see why you call your blog “Sara’ Super-Awesome Blog” because it is super-awesome! I love your description of the incursion. If I didn’t know how the digestive system worked and read this, if someone asked me a question after I’d probably get a 10/10! Peristalsis, peristalsis, peristalsis.
    Keep up the great work and awesomeness!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    From your old classmate Georgia

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